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   10 Feb 2021

Saniclean gaskets (TOMBO) sell on Lazada

Tombo No.9014-B SANICLEAN gaskets for ferrules

Conforms to the Standards and criteria for food and food additives, etc.
(3-D -2, Public Notice No. 370 of the Ministry ofHealth & Welfare, 1959) stipulated by the Food Sanita-tion Act
This applies to PTFE film used on the face that is incontact with the fluid
This sandwiched type combination gasket is an elastic rubber sanitary gasket covered with PTFE film. Realizing excellent resistance against chemicals, heat and contamination.
Because the entire face in contact with the fluid is made of PTFE, the sur-face is not degraded by hot water, hot caustic fluid, or chlorine water used in a sanitation, process.

● Becausethe entire face in contact with the fluid is made of PTFE, there is littleadhesion or penetration of liquid, so these gaskets are effective forpre-venting contamination of flavor during a flavor change.

● The use of these gaskets reduces the duration of the sanitationprocess during a flavor change, contributing to improved productivity.
Themethod of using these gaskets is basically the same as conventional elastomersanitary gasket, and is easy, however it is necessary to carry out additionaltightening work. 

(1) PTFE used on the fluid contact surface of TOMBO No.9014 (SANICLEAN gasket) has passed the elution test for plasticimplement, container and package specified in 3-D- 2 of the standard coveringfoodstuffs andadditives, etc. (Public Notice No.370, 1959).
(2) Sanitation: This is cleaning work carried out usingtap water, chlorine water, hot water or hot caustic fluid.
(3)  Flavor change : This is a changeof a production item on a beverage production line, such as a product fillerline, which is shared among several kinds of beverages.

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