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   10 Feb 2021

Ebilon gasket (TOMBO) sell on Lazada

Tombo No.9013 (Ebilon gasket)

Conforms to the Standards and criteria for food and food additives, etc.
(3-D-2, Public Notice No. 370 of the Ministry of Health & Welfare, 1959) stipulated by the 
Food Sanitation Act
This applies to PTFE film used on the face that is in contact with the fluid 

This gasket consists of an elastomer core integrated with a pressurized and heat-formed    PTFE film.

● This gasket combines the elasto-mer with the corrosion resistance of PTFE, resulting in excellent sealing performance.

● It is ideal for PVC pipes, glass-lined pipes and other applications where a large tightening force cannot be applied.

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